A jewel holds prismatic color of the highest saturation and emanates light; the color is alive and active; it projects. The transparency and precisely cut facets allow it to capture light as the rays pinball across planes and burst out of the stone with fervent freedom. The gem is a power source as it harnesses the energy of a beam of light, engulfing the outside world in a void of intense radiance. I seek this defiant nature to capture the intangible; the ability to bend light; and to dazzle all within my reach.

Working as an alchemist with light, paint, glass, paper and metal, I transform the benign into something magical and seductive. I toy with illusion and deception, eager to entice careful gazing. I return to my love of gems, their ability to refract light, and the light itself that holds no weight but describes the physicality of things. I embrace a non-hierarchy with spaces, experiences, or objects that influence or enter my work. I am driven by the unnamable and unnoticed; those experiences that render me speechless or belong to daily routine and are therefore taken for granted.

I entrap the sensorial elements of these events within a visual candyland of manipulated space. I use materials to evoke the phenomenon of these experiences: colored light distorting objects; sculpture merged with painting; collages of disparate things; paintings caught in a phase of becoming or destroying. I want my work to heighten visual awareness, defy expectations, and reward careful observation.